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How Your Spouse Can Help Improve Your Credit Score

Just because married couples don’t share credit scores, that doesn’t mean that your spouse can’t help you build your credit. If you want to raise your credit score with help from your spouse, consider becoming an authorized user on one of your spouse’s credit card accounts. This will allow you to piggyback on your spouse’s good credit, and your spouse’s responsible credit habits could help your own credit score improve.

You might also want to think about opening a joint credit card. If you and your partner open a credit card together, you won’t necessarily be able to piggyback on your spouse’s credit—but your spouse’s good credit habits could help your own credit grow.

There’s one more way for your spouse to help you improve your credit score, and that’s to ask your partner to support you as you build your credit. Get in the habit of sharing your credit score with your spouse, and ask for advice on how to improve it. Have your spouse cheer you on every time you reduce your credit card debt or increase your available credit. Make credit-building a team effort, because having good credit will benefit both of you when it comes time to apply for a shared loan or mortgage.

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