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At Dispute Bull we know you want to enjoy the benefits of having great credit. And in order to do that, you likely need to increase your credit worthiness. The problem is negative items on your credit report make you vulnerable to not only lenders but many other institutions as well. 

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”
Dawn Lewis

DISPUTE BULL LLC is here to help you restore and improve your credit history. We have become very experienced in how the credit system handles it's disputes.

With this knowledge we've gained a reputation for handling consumer credit disputes effectively. We believe, this makes us the preferred credit repair company of OKLAHOMA CITY and for YOU.

Our focus is to help individuals take back their credit from erroneous and inaccurate reporting, as well as rebuild their credit worthiness after financial downfalls.This is what we strive for.


Buy your dream home

Don't allow any inaccuracies on your credit report prevent you from buying the home of your dreams

Qualify for a better job

Potential employers may run a credit check before hiring you: keep your credit history good and your opportunities open.

Drive a new luxury car

Significantly increase your approval odds for an auto loan with better terms by analyzing your credit errors.

Lower interest rates

Errors on your credit report may continue lowering your credit score, driving your interest rates up on any potential loan.

Achieve financial goals

Reach your desired financial goals faster and easier than you thought; thus reducing stress and overwhelm

Credit card approval
Great credit history and scores unlock offers from better credit card companies, allowing lower rates and interest.

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